Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adopt Wendy a Boxer Mix Dog at Stray Rescue St Louis

Wendy is a four year old Boxer Pit Bull Terrier mix.  She's a medium size dog at 45 pounds and, at only 4 years, she has a lot of pep and energy.
Here's what the staff and volunteers at Stray Rescue St Louis have to say about her:
Wendy is, as her picture shows, a beautiful dog.  Her eyes immediately grab your attention.  They look very wise and soulful, much like Wendy herself.
Wendy was rescued with some of her canine friends.  She was part of a pack of dogs that Stray Rescue had been feeding for some time.
One lucky day, it was Wendy's turn to come inside where she quickly became a favorite of her caregivers and the volunteers.  She has a remarkable desire to please the humans around her and is very loyal to them.  
Wendy learns quickly and, among other things, sits on command.  She is also an excellent car rider. Recently Wendy got to go on a five mile hike with her shelter friends.  She took quickly and easily to the trail, becoming a fantastic hiker.  In true Wendy-fashion, she kept an eye on her human companion on the hike. 
Wendy gets along with some dogs, but she would need a home without cats.
On those days when things aren't going quite as you planned, think how lucky you would be to have a beautiful, doe-eyed girl eager to snuggle with you and cheer you up.  This is an opportunity you should not let slip by.

For more information about Wendy, contact Stray Rescue St Louis at 314-771-6121.

Founded by Randy Grim, Stray Rescue of St Louis sold purpose is to rescue stray animals in need of medical attention, restore them to health, and place them in loving adoptive homes.  Virtually all of the pets they save have been abused and neglected.  Stray Rescue is a no-kill organization that believes rescued animals often make the best pets.  Given a second lease on life and in return for a little affection and attention, these remarkable animals reward their new owners with a love and loyalty unmatched anywhere.

On Tuesday we'll be participating in the Tuesday's Tails blog hop hosted by Dogs N Pawz.  This is the blog hop that features shelter pets.  Find a pet at your local animal shelter or rescue and join us!  Please help spread the word about these beautiful animals via social media and let's find them forever homes!

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  1. Wishing for Wendy to find her forever home soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Best of Luck Wendy. I hope your forever home finds you soon!

  3. Makes my mom laugh since she has never known a dog named Wendy but she has a friend named Wendy :) Hope she finds a home.

  4. Look how cute she is! and how can you wrong with a name like Wendy?

  5. Gosh, she's so cute! Sharing!

  6. Beautiful girl! I love the black patch on her nose. It makes her nose look crooked. ADORABLE!

  7. She is stunning, surely someone will nab her. Fingers crossed!

  8. What a beautiful dog-we just shared her

  9. Wendy is just beautiful! And I love her cute ears! Sharing!


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