Sunday, March 18, 2012

March is Black Dog Month: Adopt a Coonhound!

March is Black Dog Month at the Humane Society of Missouri.  They're celebrating with an adoption special!  Save $50 when you adopt an adult black dog.  

The dog must be 6 months or older and 35+ pounds.  In addition to the $50 savings on adoption fees, the adopter will receive an official Black Dog Club t-shirt.

View black dogs available for adoption online or visit any of the HSMO shelter locations to find your new best friend:
Macklind Avenue Headquarters Center in St Louis City (1201 Macklind Ave), Cheterfield Valley Center (17357 Edison Ave),  Westport Area Center in Maryland Heights (2400 Drilling Service Road).

Fetch more information about Memphis, this adorable black and white English Coonhound (Redtick Coonhound) and Labrador Retriever mix breed dog.  She's 4 years old and available for adoption from the Maryland Heights facility 314-951-1588.  Her Animal ID number is A523500


  1. I hope this is a great month for the black dogs looking for new homes!

    My much loved and missed Sam was considered basically 'unadoptable' as a very dark, underhandled, untrained, Rottweiler mix. He turned out to be smart, loving, devoted and worth every minute it took to rehabilitate him. He was gentle and patient with children and other animals. There are some great souls waiting to be loved inside those dark packages.

  2. This is a great idea to promote the adoption of black dogs. I just find it so weird that they just don't get adopted as much. Black dogs are beautiful!

  3. Black dog month, what a great idea!

    I never knew about "black dog syndrome" until recent years, perhaps because I'm a weirdo who prefers and seeks out black dogs.


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