Friday, March 2, 2012

Dog Serves Himself Ice Cubes Video

Wow, I don't dare let Rudy see this video.  It will give him ideas!  

Rudy loves ice cubes and rushes to "help" whenever we fill a glass.  We might just drop a cube.  If so, Rudy's on it like a duck on a junebug.

He also loves it when we clean out the big ice cube bin.

I'd decided that today we needed something just plain fun and I found it. 

This video will put a smile on your face. 


  1. That is hilarious! What a great video! Fred and Gloria love ice cubes too, but they'd never be able to reach. lol!

  2. Lol, and they probably wonder why there's never any ice in the freezer....

  3. Woof! Woof! The reason WHY we don't have a fridge like that. Golden Laughs. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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