Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adopt a Dog !

Sundays are the day when Talking Dogs features dogs available for adoption from animal shelters.  We especially like to share video clips of the dogs so you can get a better idea of their personalities around people.

Many animal rescue groups and shelters have teamed with professional photographers to let their homeless animals put their best foot forward.  In fact, a good photograph really does help an animal get adopted.

We suspect videos help greatly, too, and wish more dogs needing a forever home could be presented in video.  Take a look at the charming dog adoption video below and see if you don't agree.

And instead of featuring just one dog today, we encourage you to go to Petfinder and search your local animal shelters and pet rescue listings to find that perfect furry addition to your family.


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    1. Mind if i share this on facebook so more people are aware of this.

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