Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Jewelry - Chocolate Lab Earrings

Chocolate Lab Earrings at
For Love of a Dog Jewelry
Since I'm barking about Labrador Retriever dogs today (with my blog post about Labrador Life Lines annual fundraiser), I couldn't resist some shameless self-promotion about the Labrador Retriever dog breed jewelry at For Love of a Dog. 

We have new dog breed earrings in our shop and among them are black lab, yellow lab, and chocolate lab earrings.  Shown here are the chocolate labrador retriever earrings.

These handcrafted Labrador Retriever dog earrings will fetch compliments and start barking good conversations about your beloved chocolate Lab dog. Beautiful Labrador Retriever dog charms are not flat cut outs, but rather little dog art sculptures. Handmade of hand cast resin in a hand sculpted mould, then carefully air brush painted. True to AKC dog breed standards, highly detailed and absolutely beautiful.

I've combined these chocolate Lab dog charms with beautiful Jasper gemstone beads and sterling silver beads. The color really shows off the chocolate Labradore Retriever dog charms. These handcrafted dog earrings are perfect jewelry for anyone who loves a chocolate Lab dog or might be involved in Labrador Retriever dog breed rescue work.

Fetch one of a kind dog lover jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog today.  Perfect Valentine gifts for that special dog lover in your life.  Gift box packaging and free standard shipping with each purchase.

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