Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bully Breed Dog Lover Necklace at For Love of a Dog

Bully Breed Dog Lover Necklace from
For Love of a Dog Jewelry
If you're a lover of a bully breed of dog, take a look at this sweet doggie. If it looks like a Pit Bull... is it really a Pit Bull? Not necessarily. Some kind of bull dog or boxer, for sure. Could easily represent your mixed breed mutt.

Whatever you decide on dog breed, this handmade dog lover necklace exudes lots of charm. An adorable ginger brown bull dog / boxer focal handcrafted of clay is surrounded by some black three dimensional dog bones.

I've created the necklace with black onyx gemstone beads, hand wired wrapped with silver jewelers wire. Included are some ginger brown aventurine wheel beads, accented with Bali silver spacers and surrounded by more black onyx gemstone beads. Extra long and extra fun.

This dog necklace is perfect for anyone who loves dogs. Designed to inspire compliments and conversation about, what else, the love of dogs. A perfect jewelry gift for a true dog lover, someone who loves a ginger brown Am Staff, Pit Bull, Boxer, English Bulldog or a mixed breed dog. Great gift idea for someone involved in dog rescue and adoption work.

Fetch For Love of a Dog Jewelry for one of a kind dog lover gifts.  Gift box packaging and free standard shipping with each purchase.

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