Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sled Dog Slaughter in British Columbia

The execution style culling of 100 sled dogs owned by Outdoor Adventures has sparked an SPCA investigation into allegations of animal cruelty.  The slaughter was discovered because of a WorkSafeBC (workman's comp) claim made against the company by the employee who killed the dogs last April.  The employee is claiming post-traumatic stress.

From /A\ News Van Island:
"WHISTLER - The BC tour operator that now owns a company linked to the horrific slaughter of 100 sled dogs near Whistler says it did not order the animals destroyed.

"Documents from WorkSafe BC outline allegations that Howling Dog Tours shot and killed the dogs last April after a drop in business following the Olympics.

"The company is now owned by Outdoor Adventures Whistler, but at the time of the cull, Howling Dog was an independent contractor.

"Graham Aldcroft of Outdoor Adventures says it wasn't his company's decision to kill the dogs, adding he believes Howling Dog tried to find the huskies new homes, but was unsuccessful.

"SPCA says the Whistler sled dog slaughter is probably one of the worst cases of mass animal cruelty in Canadian history."


  1. If this is a result of hosting the Olympics, I hope Canada will never host another one! These canines did nothing wrong except to provide enjoyment and profit to humans. The treatment they received in the end has me outraged! I trust the killer never has a day's peace the rest of his life and may the company suffer profits. They will never suffer as much as these dogs did!

  2. This was a horrible injustice1

  3. I agree. This waa a horrible injustice!


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