Friday, February 25, 2011

Adopt a Greyhound and Make a Fast Friend

Racing Greyhounds
 Photo courtesy The Greyhound Project, Inc    
Adopt a Greyhound, Make a Fast Friend!  That's the web slogan of The Greyhound Project.  This organization was founded in the summer of 1992 by greyhound adopters.  When they organized they feld that the rescue and adoption movement could use information, not another adoption group.

The Greyhound Project, Inc is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides information and promotes the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. Among other things, they publish the magazine Celebrating Greyhounds, a quarterly publication.    Once copy is sent free of charge to every adoption group in the world.  In addition, they offer calendars featuring retired racing greyhounds, intended to illustrate the qualities of these dogs as pets and companions.

Looking to adopt a retired racing greyhound, but don't know where to start?  Try the adoption agency directory at The Greyhound Project.  You'll find listings of Greyhound adoption groups located all over the world, organized geographically.  Don't miss all the good advice available here, too, including how to choose an adoption agency, how to reduce anxiety for your new dog, and much more. 

The Greyhound Project offers a wealth of information about Greyhounds that should not be missed by anyone interested in a retired racing Greyhound dog. 

In 2008, the Greyhound Project produced a series of public service announcements to promote greyhound adoptions.  One of the spots, seen below, featured a black greyhound named Cal who was looking for a long term commitment.  Fortunately for Cal, he was adopted soon after filming.  However, there are thousands more greyhounds just like him that are waiting for a forever home. 

Watch this very clever greyhound dog video, then if you've got room on your couch and in your heart, fetch The Greyhound Project and make a fast friend.

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