Thursday, January 27, 2011

Labrador Retrievers Still in First Place According to the American Kennel Club

Rudy - Yellow Lab
 Rudy is gloating. 

The American Kennel Club just announced its nationwide registration statistics today and the Labrador Retriever is top dog for the 20th consecutive year.  Like Rudy says, what's not to love about a Lab!

Lucy pretty much agrees and sites her Labrador Retriever daddy contribution to her own awesome perfection. 
Lucy - Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever

However, both she and Jeffie were disappointed that the Golden Retriever dog breed got knocked out of 4th position this year by the Beagle.  They're both wondering what their Golden mamas think about that.  Jeffie can take heart, though, that the Border Collie moved up from 52 to 47. 

Jeffie - Golden Retriever / Border Collie
Tucker's snickering... he knew some pretty cute Beagles in Virginia and maintains it was only a matter of time.
Tucker - Labrador Retriever and unknown
The humans here at For Love of a Dog can't help but be interested in the rankings.  Afterall, we love dogs.  However, we can't help but wonder how the AKC registration statistics reflect the number of homeless dogs sitting in an animal shelter this morning.  Labrador Retrievers, for example.  Plus, of course, this being Missouri... how many more puppy mills with increase the number of Labs and other dog breeds in the top 10 or 20 in their operations.  Popularity... can be a double edged sword.


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