Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Border Collie Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts for Dog Lovers

Border Collie Dog Breed Pin and Pendant
For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
I count myself very lucky to have had a Border Collie in my life.  My beautiful Lizzie was smart as the proverbial whip and I miss her every day.  If a Border Collie dog has claimed a piece of your heart, check out our hand made Border Collie dog jewelry and gifts.  A great way to celebrate your special dog.

The Border Collie dog pin (brooch) shown here can also be worn as a pendant.  Not a flat cut out, but a two dimensional sculpture.   Entirely hand made pin is hand cast in resin from a mould made from an original design clay sculpture. Airbrushed and detailed by hand. This line of our dog jewelry is made in the US and every effort is made to be true to dog breed standards.

The clasp of this Border Collie dog brooch has a built in pendant bail so it can be worn as either a pin or pendant depending on your mood. As a dog pendant it will look terrific on your chain, cord or ribbon. A wonderful gift for any Border Collie dog lover.

Fetch more dog lover jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog.  We now offer over 70 dog breeds, plus mixed breed mutts, cats, horses, and animal advocacy jewelry.  Gift box packaging and free standard shipping with each purchase.

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