Friday, January 28, 2011

Dachshund Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts from For Love of a Dog

Dachshund Dog Bone Bracelet from
For Love of a Dog Jewelry
Dachshunds were first bred in the early 1600s in Germany.  The goal was to create a fearless, elongagted dog that could dig the earth from a badger burrow and fight to the death with vicious badgers.  My childhood companion, Hansel was a black and tan standard Doxie and I'm pretty sure that he never saw a badger in his whole life.   Not that he cared.  He had a busy job shadowing my mom all day long and playing fetch with me.  Then at night he'd dive under the covers and keep my toes quite warm.  He was quite a character and a beloved member of the family.  So, it's no wonder that my Dachshund dog breed jewelry is one of my favorite themes at For Love of a Dog. 

If you love a black and tan Dachshund dog, this bracelet was handcrafted with you in mind. It features a wonderful Doxie dog charm. The charm is not a flat cut out, but actually has dimension. This little Dachshund dog sculpture is handmade of resin that is cast in a hand sculpted mould, then carefully air brush painted. True to AKC dog breed standards, highly detailed and absolutely beautiful.

I've combined this dog treasure with black and tan Mahogany Obsidian and Black Onyx gemstone beads and sterling silver. In addition to the Dachshund dog charm, other charms include a Black Onyx gemstone heart and a three dimensional silver dog bone. This handcrafted dog bracelet is one of a kind, just like your special Dachshund dog. Show your love to your Valentine dog lover with a one of a kind Dachshund dog breed bracelet.

Fetch more unique, handmade dog lover jewelry from For Love of a Dog.  We love dogs and it shows.  Gift box packaging and free standard shipping.  Barking good Valentine gifts for dog lovers.

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