Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adopt Dawn an Adoptable Dog Trained by MO Puppies for Parole

Dawn - an adoptable dog from the Missouri
Puppies from Parole program
For Love of a Dog would like to introduce you to Dawn, a Pekingese dog available for adoption.

Dawn is a female Pekingese dog who is receiving her training at the Western Missouri Correctional Center through the Puppies for Parole program. Her parole office is the City of Cameron Animal Control and Shelter. (which means that is the Puppies for Parole shelter / rescue partner for Dawn.)

Dawn was a puppy mill breeding dog.  She's friendly and has become housebroken quickly.  However, her regal nature does not take kindly to being told what to do.  Learning commands is coming slowly.

Puppies for Parole is a program of the Missouri Department of Corrections made possible through partnerships with animal shelters and animal advocate groups statewide. Selected offenders have the opportunity to become trainers to rescue dogs in the program. Offenders work with the dogs teaching them basic obedience skills and properly socializing the animals, making them more adoptable. Once the dogs have successfully completed the program they are sent back to their original shelter to be placed up for adoption. Last year in Missouri, more than 46,000 homeless canines were euthanized. Puppies for Parole hopes to reduce that number by producing loving, obedient, adoptable dogs.

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