Friday, December 2, 2016

We're celebrating #NationalMuttDay

 Today is National Mutt Day and we're celebrating!

You may remember when we did the Wisdom DNA test on Rosie.  The results came back 12% Akita, 12% Labrador Retriever and 12% Fox Terrier.  The remaining 64% was a jumble of dog breeds, so many that they could not be singled out.  Pretty sure that describes a mutt!

I happen to believe that 64% is composed of love.  Lots and lots of love.

That's true of all my dogs - they're all made of love - and definitely true of the mutts in my life.  And there have been quite a few of them.  None shown here, but still loved just as much - are Spanky and Sherman.  Both were adopted from animal shelters. My heart dog, Lucy, wasn't a shelter dog, but she was a gorgeous mutt!

Jeffie and Rosie both came from the same animal shelter and were found via Petfinder.  You can fetch Jeffie's Petfinder story for puppy pictures!

Tucker was not a shelter dog.  He was a stray puppy my vet was sure was a bait dog.  Poor guy got lucky when he found his way to our front porch.  A bit of Lab? Chow?  Who knows.  What we know for sure: we had 14 beautiful years together.

Benji holds the distinction of being both my very first mutt and my very first shelter dog.  I saw him during my very first visit to an animal shelter.  It definitely was my lucky day!


  1. They are all so lovely and full of life! Wish the ones gone were still with you.

  2. Mutts rock! Our first two dogs were mutts. We love our purebreds too...though we never really went looking for them, other than Cricket, when we just really, really wanted another beagle and couldn't find one anywhere but a breeder. When we adopted Luke, we made the conscious decision that we wanted a mutt this time.
    Happy Belated National Mutt Day!


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