Saturday, December 10, 2016

John Lewis Christmas Ad on Dog Song Saturday @BusterTheBoxer

If you've stopped by for Dog Song Saturday before, then you know that we really are partial to original songs, music and music videos about dogs.  However, sometimes we come across something that we love so much we just have to share it.

This is one of those times.

Today we're featuring an ad.  Yes, an advertisement for the John Lewis company.  

The music is One Day I'll Fly Away performed by Vaults.  The video tells the story of a little girl, Bridget, who loves to bounce.  When her parents buy her a trampoline for Christmas, they soon discover that she isn't the only one with a passion for jumping. 

Check it out!  Then fetch some more genuine dog song music videos at Talking Dogs.  You'll be surprised at how many we've collected over the past few years. 


  1. Wonderful! I saw this once before but had never listened to the music with it. What a great ad, and the dog's performance is great.

  2. You know I LOVE that video! I could watch it over and over. (Oh, wait - I have!) The slow-mo part with all the critters is my fave.


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