Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rudy and Rosie's Kong Techniques #WordlessWednesday

With temperatures below zero recently, it was just too cold to spend much time outdoors.  A perfect excuse to break out some stuff Kongs.  I thought you might like a look at Rosie and Rudy's Kong techniques.
 Rosie is all about comfort and she totally focuses on her Kong.
 I told you - all about comfort.  And bliss. Can't forget the bliss.

 Rudy uses a standing technique. No sloucher, he. 
No laying down on the job.

Woops! some of the peanut button got on his leg.

Yes. When Rudy took his eye off his Kong, Rosie grabbed it!


  1. Great techniques we've never mastered the Long.

  2. Bailie does a bit of both techniques. I don't like Kongs and Madison isn't too interested yet.

  3. Cute! Rita totally likes to lay down and get comfy when she has a snack, so she's the same as Rosie. (I think she gets that from me... I enjoy lying on the sofa with a snack.) :)

  4. Oh no! We have thieves around here too, but they aren't received well so we have to separate them for kongs!
    I just love to watch when dogs use their paws. Luke really splays his toes out to hang onto things....his toes are so long it makes it easy!


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