Friday, September 26, 2014

Copper Dog Bone Jewelry Bracelets at For Love of a Dog

Since my September jewelry giveaway is one of my copper dog bone bracelets, I thought it would be a good time to feature some more of my copper dog bone jewelry.

Each of these bracelets is one of a kind and includes a beautiful two dimensional flamed copper dog bone focal.  Gorgeous warm colors like a vivid sunset comes from the heat of the flame:  shades of pink and orange.  Each one is a little bit different.

The bracelet shown at top emphasizes the beautiful pinks, from soft rose to hot raspberry.  In fact, the faceted crystal rondelle beads I used are a soft, mellow rose color and coordinate nicely with the hand selected artisan lampwork beads.  This bracelet is hand wire wrapped with copper jeweler's wire.

I adore the deep cherry rose blossom handmade lampwork beads in the dog bone bracelet shown above.  The copper dog bone has the addition of some raised golden "bumps," so I hand wire wrapped these beads with gold jeweler's wire,. Then I added a sweet little gold heart and a gold dog collar and bone toggle clasp.

This confection (shown below) makes me think of pink lemonade and cotton candy.  Sweet shades of pink with some yellow, too.

Not all my copper dog bone jewelry is necessarily girly bling.  The bracelet shown below is simple and unisex, you could even say it has a grunge flavor.  Basic black onyx gemstone beads surround the focal and are hand wired wrapped with copper jeweler's wire.  Then I added a little copper heart which I hand stamped: DOG.

Fetch my handmade dog bone jewelry and you'll find other variations of bracelets including these wonderful copper dog bones.  Well, and other kinds of dog bones, too!   They make perfect gifts for dog lovers. 

And be sure to enter the September Giveaway!

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  1. Lovely - a person needs to grow extra wrists to wear all your lovely bracelets :-)

  2. Your jewelry is always just so beautiful.

  3. We like the second one the best, but they are all pretty!

  4. Your jewelry is so beautiful! The first one is my favorite and the third one is my next favorite.

  5. The colors are just so gorgeous in these pieces!!


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