Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Dog Lovers at For Love of a Dog

Shopping for the perfect gift for your special dog lover for Valentine's Day?

 Fetch For Love of a Dog Jewelry!

Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and pins in several doggie themes.  Each piece is handmade and most are one of a kind.

Any dog lover would enjoy showing off her dog with a piece of dog breed jewelry.  

For Love of a Dog has over 80 dog breeds available in jewelry like this Bernese Mountain Dog pendant.  A hand crafted two dimensional (sculpted on front; flat on back) is hand wire wrapped with a puffy scarlet red lampwork heart to dangle on your own chain or ribbon.  Best of all - all dog breed pendants are included in items on sale!

What dog lover wouldn't be charmed with Dog Mom jewelry?  Each is one of a kind and includes a handmade porcelain dog bone focal proclaiming DOG MOM, plus an assortment of crystals, gemstone beads and lampwork beads.

The Dog Mom bracelet below has a fabulous vintage style and includes a sweet red rose, vintage brass filigree bead and floral clasp, and check out those lampwork beads.  Love that sweet red and white heart bead - perfect for Valentine's Day!

Is dog rescue and animal shelter adoption near and dear to your Valentine's heart?  Fetch a piece of pet rescue jewelry like this rescue dog bone bracelet.  Gorgeous green rosebud lampwork beads, plus green jade and rose pink rhodonite gemstones, with a sweet pink heart dangle.  Adorable silver dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp is the perfect finishing touch.

Unabashed dog lovers my I Love My Dog necklaces (shown below).  You'll find jewelry like this is my paw print jewelry and mutts dog jewelry.

Another perfect choice for Valentine's Day are dog themed earringsShown below are some beautiful red jasper heart and glass 3 D dog bone earrings.

Fetch For Love of a Dog Jewelry now for your Valentine.  Shop with a 10% discount (even on sale items) with this discount code:  FLDNEW    You'll enjoy knowing your giving a one of a kind handmade gift, plus you'll receive fast free standard shipping. 


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!

  2. those are just wonderful gifts and perfect for the mom's of furbabies

  3. That necklace would match mom's bracelet I'm gonna tell dad! Love Dolly

  4. Stunning as always Sue!! I love the rescue bracelet, the colors are just perfect.

  5. Hi,pretty collection.The great love and loyalty that dogs offer us provide for them a special place in our hearts, and with the delightfully crafted dog jewelry,you can express that extremely special bond of love wherever you go.Thank you.
    ~Linda Smith.


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