Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lidia a Senior American Bulldog is Looking For Love

Lidia, senior American Bulldog 
 I don't know how this beautiful 8 year old girl came to the Humane Society of Missouri animal shelter.  It certainly could not have been from behavior problems.  Lidia is a senior white American Bulldog.  She's spayed, housebroken and up to date on routine shots.

Lidia is a calm, mellow, love of a dog.  She'd love to take a stroll with you or snuggle up on the couch.  

Take a look at her dog video, then call the HSMO in St Louis for more information 314-951-1562.  Lidia is animal ID # A527705  You can also find Lidia on Petfinder.

You may interested to know why Lidia caught my eye when I was choosing a dog to feature today.  She looks so much like Hanah.  On May 22, 2011, a devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri.  The storm yanked Hanah from her owner's arms as they were taking shelter.  At the time Hanah was 5 years old and 110 pounds.  She was seen after the tornado and it is suspected that she was picked up by someone.  Hanah's family is still searching for her.  

Hanah's dog mom, Kari Wilkes has set up this Facebook page, Bring Hanah Home and you can read more about Hanah there.  Whenever I see a white American Bulldog, I make sure to check for Hanah's one blue eye, one brown eye.  After you read Hanah's story, you will, too.


  1. I can't believe that Hanah is still missing. I would have thought with all the media out there that someone would have contacted Kari by now. My heart goes out to her.

    I'm sure someone will snap Lidia up soon, sweet girl deserves a home.

  2. Lidia is a beauty! I sure hope she finds her loving forever home soon. It's so sad to hear that Hanah is still missing. I feel so bad for her Momma. :(

  3. I will share sweet Lidia's need for a forever family. She is gorgeous and looks and sounds like a wonderful best friend! Thanks for sharing her!

    It's so hard to know that Hanah is still missing and so heartening to know that her family is still searching for her. There is hope.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years


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