Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Rescue Adopt Dog Bone Bracelets at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

Dog Rescue Bracelet  
At For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts, dog rescue is near and dear to our hearts.  Most of our own dogs were rescues before they became special members of our family. 

Here are some of our new dog jewelry pieces that celebrate animal rescue and those special people who work to rescue and find forever home.  These new rescue and adopt bracelets all begin with dog bones.

Urge adoption with this beautiful dog bone bracelet.  Rose pink dog bone proclaims ADOPT and is combined with soft salmon pink coral and blue turquoise gemstone beads.  Hand wire wrapped with copper.

Here's a rescue angel dog bone bracelet in copper made especially for that special rescue angel you know.  Blue handmade porcelain dog bone proclaims RESCUE and is combines with an assortment of gemstones including peridot jade, turquoise howlite, yellow aventurine, and carnelian.

Check out the dog collar and dog bone toggle on this rainbow adopt dog bone bracelet.  Turquoise, peridot jade, coral, and more gemstones are hand wire wrapped with silver jeweler's wire to accent the red handmade porcelian ADOPT dog bone.
Shown above is a rescue dog bone bracelet with a midnight blue RESCUE dog bone with coordinating crystal and smoky quartz gemstone beads.  

This is just a small sample!  Fetch more rescue jewelry and more dog bone jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  And while you're browsing, check out our dog breed jewelry, too.   All of our jewelry is handmade and shipping is free. 


  1. Wish Dakota had been adopted. I am insane about these!

    1. Well...thank you! I have a couple of WOOF dog bone bracelets much like these that are available now at www.forloveofadog and I'll have more soon in other colors :-)

  2. This are just beautiful, I'm going to put one on my Christmas wish list. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jodi! If you do go shopping... be sure to use this discount code at checkout to receive a 10% discount: FLDNEW

  3. These are beutiful! I think a little bracelet to shout loud and proud that I'm a rescue mom would be pretty cool.


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