Friday, September 30, 2011

Joplin Tornado Dog: Bring Hannah Home

I grew up in tornado country.  Tornadoes were both a cause of fear, while at the same time a source of awe.  The tornado warning sirens were common sound in spring and summer.  I can remember standing on the back porch and watching the storm clouds boil and swirl on the horizon.  I can also remember the destruction of property and lives that they left behind.

I've lived in hurricane country.  Rain pouring down the chimneys;  trees blown horizontal.  Dogs so upset that even days later they required a vet visit for some medication. 

Now I find myself living in the heart of tornado country.  Again. An animal lover, my first concern at the approach of any storm, is my animals.  What would I do if something happened to them?  How would I cope?  What if any one of them became lost?  These questions have always fermented my mind, but especially since this past spring.  I'd like to think that I could be like Kari Wilkes.

On May 22 a deadly EF5 tornado raged through the city of Joplin Missouri leaving over 100 people dead and one third of the town demolished beyond repair.  Hundreds of volunteers rushed to the area to try to find tornado survivors.  Among those volunteers were animal welfare organizations, as well as caring individuals like you and I, who dashed to Joplin to rescue the pets affected by the storm.

One of those pets is Hanah, an all white American Bulldog with one blue eye, 5 years old and 110 pounds before the storm.  Hanah survived the tornado and was spotted the next day near her old neighborhood long enough for a quick photo to be taken.  Unfortunately, the tornado sirens sounded another alert (for yet another cluster of twisters) and Hanah took off before anyone could secure her.

Hanah survived the tornado that demolished Joplin MO
Hanah's family was devastated by the tornado.  Hanah's owner, Kari Wilkes, immediately launched an all-out campaign to locate her baby.   To date the Bring Hanah Home Facebook page has 9,816 members all working together to find Hanah and other lost "tornado dogs".    Currently it is thought that some well intentioned pet rescuer took Hanah out of the area.  She could be, literally, anywhere.  They’ve learned of a woman who had more than 4 dogs she’d taken in (she left a note on a bulletin board at a church). There was a Texas vet who had placed a Craigslist ad stating she was headed in to help, and admits to taking at least one pet back to Texas for treatment.  And there are many other examples.

Please take a look at this Bring Hanah Home video.  Then please share it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, wherever and whenever you can.  You could be the link the chain that brings Hanah home to her family.

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  1. We've been following Hanah since the Facebook page, and can't wait for her to be found! Keeping her and all the other missing doggies in our thoughts and prayers...

    Happy Friday woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  2. Please look up maybe you will see something there that csn Help ... karin tarQwyn k9 PI also ...look st her site ... still. praying for Hanah I've. been. following this story from the beginning


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