Friday, September 23, 2011

Learn to Speak Dog: Canine Language Translator

Lucy is not amused by the canine translator. 
Given the fact we live with a pack of four dogs, our household is actually a pretty quiet one.  There's not a lot of barking unless there's actually something to bark at and, since we live in the country, that's not much.   However, there is a whole lot of talking going on.  Dog talking.

I've always loved talking dogs.  The moment I first picked up Lucy for a cuddle, she secured her place in my heart by talking.  You know, those charming puppy grunts.  Lots of them.  It seemed she was trying to talk to me and tell me all about her short little life.  Jeffie is a big talker.  Lots of moaning, groaning, and other random comments.  Rudy is more quiet, but definitely becoming a bit of a moaner with lots of his commentary directed at Lucy, whom he adores.  Tucker is the quiet one around here.  He tends to comment on life with harumphs, like the little old codger he is.

Yesterday my inbox contained a message about Petcentric's dog language translation tool.  They have a handy canine language translator now.  You type in a word and you get the translation.  To tell you the truth, I've spent way too much time watching the beautiful Border Collie that is the dog doing the translating.  Honestly, the dog is beautiful and, in my opinion, worth watching.

The translator is a bit of a different story.

Type a word into the sentence "I'm ________"  and the Border Collie dog demonstrates the body language for that phrase.  Sort of like a strange game of charades.  For example, I typed in tired.  The dog circled and laid down.  Call me crazy but I was thinking there would be some barking.  Some audio talking for my entertainment.  

I'm disappointed.  So are my genuine talking dogs, Lucy and Jeffie.  Pardon us while we have some conversation about it.


  1. Bella "talks" too - she's a one dog noise machine. :)

  2. Ha! That border collie isn't very talkie (agreed). Dewi is the equivalent of a doggie blabber mouth drama queen. JF prefers to speak with his eyes. :)


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