Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animal Lover Fun at PetsLady.com

Thanks to Pinterest and BlogPaws, I recently discovered PetsLady.com and I'm glad I did.  Among other things, I'm pretty sure I need a set of puppy dog corn on the cob holders, but more about that in a moment!

PetsLady.com is a fun and informative website for animal lovers.  A team of folks focus on providing the latest news and interesting articles about pets, including unbiased reviews and recommendations on everything you need for your pets.  They also feature cool, unique gift ideas for animal lovers.

The main sections of the PetsLady.com web site are:
PetsLady.com is an easy to navigate site that is simply chock full of information.  Begin exploring and you'll find it hard to stop.   On a recent visit I learned about Barn Owls inhabiting the Smithsonian, enjoyed seeing the rare site of a pair of white deer, cheered about the legislative ban of private possession of exotic animals in Pennsylvania, and smiled a lot at beautiful animal photographs, as well as good pet advocacy news.

I also added quite a few things to my personal shopping list.

Here's where those puppy dog corn on the cob holders come in.  You see, I couldn't help myself from click, click, clicking to read more in this treasure trove of fun and funny gift ideas for pet lovers and barking good dog (and cat) products.  I'm thinking I might need to follow up on the toaster that adds paw prints, too.

PetsLady.com obviously scours the web for the best.  They then tell you all about it and where you can go to purchase it.   Dog and cat beds, wormers, toys, and so much more.   I took one look at the Go-Go Dog Pal and now am trying to convince the Dog Daddy that we need one for Rudy.  [It's remote-controlled chipmunk on wheels for a dog to chase at up to 35 miles per hour.]
Fetch PetsLady.com right now, bookmark it, then take some time to explore and enjoy.  You'll also find a pretty fabulous feature article about my For Love of a Dog Jewelry which came as a complete surprise to me!  

What's not to love?  PetsLady.com  - news, information, tips and just dog-gone fun!. 


  1. What a great sight! How wonderful that they showcased your jewelry. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. A toaster that adds paw prints? Oh, I might be in trouble!


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