Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adopt a Pit Bull Dog in Missouri

Wilbur - an adoptable Pit Bull in KCMO

  May 6 - 12 is Be Kind to Animals Week, sponsored by the American Humane Association.  Celebrate by adopting a dog, foster homing a dog, or supporting a rescue organization.

Why not consider adopting a Pit Bull dog from the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue (MPR).

Wilbur, shown above and below, is a neutered male Pit Bull about one year old.  Wilbur was pulled from a shelter in a municipality with a breed ban.  According to MPR, Wilbur is a silly goofball, outgoing and always ready to have some fun.  He'd make a wonderful running or jogging partner.

Though he didn't have much training when he arrived at MPR, he's very smart and a fast learner.  Wilbur appears to be housebroken.

If you have room in your heart and home for an adorable little clown of a dog, consider Wilbur.  For more information about Wilbur, contact the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue at

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The Missouri Pit Bull Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit group dedicated to rescuing any Pit Bull that needs help.  They regularly pull Pit Bull dogs from "death row"  and sometimes take dogs who are losing their homes due to breed bans.  MPR does not have a shelter and use both boarding and foster care.  They keep the dogs as long as it takes to find each one the perfect home.  Learn more about the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue at


  1. Wilbur is the cutest!! I sure hope he finds his loving forever home! :-)

  2. What an adorable boy - thanks for helping him find a new home :-)


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