Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review: Soggy Doggy Door Mat and Super Shammy

I am in love with these new dog products!  Joanna Rein, President and Top Dog at Soggy Doggy Productions sent us a Soggy Doggy Door Mat and a Super Shammy to try.  Thanks to Mother Nature, we gave them a good workout with both rain and snow. 

With three big dogs, at our house we have quite a stack of "dog towels" in one of our mudroom cupboards.  There are times when it takes more than one towel per dog to soak up all the rain or snow, mud and more from 3 dog bodies and 12 dog paws.  Then, of course, there's a pile of laundry to do.  Well, now, thanks to Soggy Doggy, we have a fantastic, attractive alternative.

The Soggy Doggy Doormat absorbs five times more water than regular cotton doormats.  It's quick drying, very durable, and has a no-slip backing.  It soaks up water and dirt like a sponge thanks to super absorbent microfiber chenille "noodles."   Not only are these fibers super absorbant, but they also snag a tremendous amount of debris. 

The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy absorbs up to seven times its weight in water and is made from the same textured, ultrafine strands of woven chenille.  Both are machine washable and ultra soft for delicate dog paws and bellies. 

Joanna is the enterprising mother of four young children and one rescue dog named Buddy.  She created the Soggy Doggy Doormat to put an end to the soggy mess at in her own house.  Joanna notes that though these products were created with dogs in mind, they work great for kids' snowy boots and dirty cleats!

Our Soggy Doggy products arrived via UPS just days after Joanna promised to send them.  Score one for very fast shipping.  Both are attractive, super soft and squishy, and nicely packaged.

Our first test was with a very light snowstorm.  We plopped the Soggy Doggy  Doormat down in front of the sliding doors to the deck.  Sure enough, as the dogs came in, the snow and mud stayed right on the doormat, rather than being tracked all over our hardwood floors.

The real test came days later when we got a lot of rain.  This time we put the Soggy Doggy Doormat in our mudroom to catch the worst of the wet paws.  Worked great!  The Super Shammy made quick work of wiping down and drying each of the dogs.  Much more convenient for the humans with the convenient pockets for hands.  Plus the whole drying operating was much faster than our old dog towel method.
 The Soggy Doggy Doormat is available in beige with a red dog bone or summer blue with a brown dog bone.  It's 26" x 36" in size, which we found just fine for our 100 pound dogs.  Plus, Joanna notes that the doormats make great crate pads or as mats in a car for traveling.  Suggested retail price is $39.99.
The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is 31" x 14" and comes in marine blue with red trim.  Suggested retail is $19.99.  Both can be purchased directly from Soggy Doggy at their web site

We give both the Soggy Doggy Doormat and Super Shammy our highest recommendation.  This is a product that really works, is attractive, well priced and something we know we'll be using for a long time to come.  Learn more about Soggy Doggy products at thesoggy

* Please note that Talking Dogs accepts no monetary compensation for reviews.  This review is not sponsored by Soggy Doggy and is the opinion of Talking Dogs.

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  1. The door mats are wonderful. I think these will prove best to save your floors from mud and dirt. I think I should order one for me as my little dog always make my floor dirty with the mud in his paws.


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