Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review: Petmate Orthopedic Bed

Petmate Orthopedic Bed 
Part 2 of my quest for a dog bed also comes from Walmart.  Since I had such an easy time shopping online there, I decided to try another dog bed.

This time I ordered their Petmade Orthopedic Foam dog bed.  According to Walmart:  with its low profile and firm support relieving pressure pints, the Petmade Orthopedic Foam dog bed is ideal for older, arthritic or recovering pets.

The filling is a thick layer of orthopedic foam.  The bed has a low profile height so an arthritic dog can easily step onto it.  The cover has a zipper fly for easy removable and it is machine washable.

I might take exception to Walmart's description of the bed's cover: Soft and elegant plush fabrics with coordinating jacquards.  Offered in Brown Damask or Picante Red Diamond with piping around the top edge.  Yes, the fabric is plush and soft, however, "elegant" might be stretching it.

My selection, again based on customer reviews, was the 30" x 40" bed priced at $58.09 with free shipping.  Once again, Walmart does not allow the customer to select color/fabric. I received the Petmate Orthopedic Bed in Brown Damask which looks just like Walmart's image.

All the dogs loved it, especially Rudy, who claimed it for his own when I moved it into our bedroom.  Interestingly enough, Lucy preferred her aged, worn out, memory foam orthopedic bed.  Jeffie preferred the floor.

Though there's no color choice available, I recommend the Petmate Orthopedic Bed from Walmart.  Their online shopping process was quick and easy.  I appreciated the numerous customer reviews.  The product was as described and I anticipate it lasting a good long while.  And, once again, the price was right. 

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