Thursday, January 12, 2012

Product Review: Comfy Pet Bed for Dogs

  Part 3 of my quest for a dog bed.  The final installment of this saga because we have a real winner!

Thanks to being an e-list subscriber to Tuesday Morning, I scored an amazing dog bed for a true bargain price.  As soon as it arrived, I headed straight to my computer to order two more.

Yesterday my new catalog from an upscale pet supply company arrived and I realized just what a bargain I'd found.

Tuesday Morning is know for having closeout items from "luxury" brand catalogs and stores.  They usually do not have much in the way of pet items, but that day they had some very attractive dog beds online.

Manufactured in China and distributed by IMJ Marketing, Cozy Craft Ped Beds are pretty cool.  These have a double bolster design and are filled with high-loft polyfil stuffing.  Extra fullness and the shape make it comfortable and easy to step into.  There's even a removable tufted pillow.  The bolster and pillow cover both have zippers so they're easy to remove and machine wash.

These beautiful beds have high quality microsuede fabric with some piping and are certainly attractive.  Available in four attractive colors.

My first order was for an extra-large dog bed in hazelnut.  Extra large is 46" x 36" so plenty big for Lucy to really stretch out.   The hazelnut color is extremely neutral and looks great in our bedroom.  According to the website, retail price was $169.99.  I paid $59.99.

As before, I placed the new bed in the family room to see what would happen.  All three dogs have it a real sniff over.  Then began the competition to see who could get it first.   When we placed it in our bedroom in Lucy's spot (next to my side of the bed), she knew for sure it was hers and took possession immediately.  Curled up with the bed as a nest, or stretched full out, this bed is Lucy's favorite bed of all time.

In fact, Lucy loved this bed so much that I immediately ordered two more, this time in the large size.  (40" x 30" x 15")  Also in hazelnut so that we now have a more attractive bedroom scene.  I paid $49.99 each.
No longer available on the Tuesday Morning website, I spotted a ringer at $149.99 for the large size.  If you'd like to score one of these beds, I'd recommend you check the Tuesday Morning website every week or so because they often re-stock popular items.

My quest for dog beds has ended on a high note.  Dog approved, attractive, easy to clean, dog beds for great prices!

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  1. I've read so many quotes about sleep about dogs too and I think they really do deserve to have a soft bed. This is a very nice bed that I could purchase for my puppies. Hopefully they won't tear it off.


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