Monday, January 9, 2012

Product Review: ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Gusset Dog Bed

ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Bed
  This is Part 1 of my quest for a dog bed.  Several years ago I purchased some pretty incredible orthopedic dog beds.  They are huge, filled with memory foam, and about worn out.  Thus, the reason for my dog bed quest.

Early this fall I ordered a cheap dog bed from Walmart.  My purchase was based on the good reviews of this bed and the price.  Like I said:  cheap.  Here's the description from the Walmart website:
The ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Gusset Bed provides utmost comfort to your pet dog. This fluffy bed is large enough to ensure that your pet dog can rest its entire body on it. It is well padded and made from a fine, ultra-soft fabric that is long-lasting. The bolsters surrounding the large pet bed on one side give a sense of security to your pet dog. On the whole, the ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Gusset Bed is designed to protect your pet dog from cold and hard surfaces.
According to the description, the ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Gusset Bed is large enough for the dog's entire body, well padded, ultra soft, and the bolster on one side gives a sense of security.  Walmart indicates that this dog bed in "imported."  I'm guessing from China, but that is a guess.

I ordered this bed in the 27" x 36" x 5" size.  I paid $25 and received free site to store shipping and delivery.

The Walmart order process was quick and easy.  I definitely appreciated the customer product reviews.  Site to store free shipping meant that I waited for the product to arrive at my local Walmart - about a week - then went to the store to pick it up.  The process was smooth with timely email communication from Walmart.

There is no color or fabric choice available for this item.  Thanks to customer reviews, I was not surprised that mine looked nothing like the photo on Walmart's website.   At first glance I was not impressed.  The fabric looked cheap and is not particularly attractive.

Lucy with her TV Bed
I plopped the dog bed down on the floor and all four dogs gave it a real going over.  Lucy claimed it as her own right away.  She loves it.  We've left it in the family room and refer to it as Lucy's TV bed.  She caught on to the bolster right away and enjoys a nice fleece pillow for her head.

Lucy loves the built-in fleece pillow.
The cover for this bed does zip off and is washable.  I've been surprised at how well its held up.

I would definitely recommend the ASPCA Microsherpa Bolster Gusset Dog Bed from Walmart.  It's egg-crate foam interior is kind to Lucy's geriatric and arthritic joints.  The price was definitely right.

Lucy thinks it is the best $25 I've ever spent.

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  1. That looks very comfy.My guys love their pillows, too. I have gone through so many beds! I finally came up with a great solution. I bought a regular queen size (we have 7 dogs) blow up mattress. I like the type with the built in electric motor. It costs a little more but is worth it. The dogs love it! I can also deflate it during the day and push it under the bed if need be. The other nice thing is it uses standard sheets. I use a waterproof mattress pad under the sheet as we have some incontinence problems. Of course we have regular pet beds all over the house, but they love the mattress, as they can stretch out.


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