Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blind Battered Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Looking for Love

In one of the worst cases of animal abuse the Lebanon Missouri Humane Society has ever seen, Braveheart is a hero.  

Found along a county road on December 29, law enforcement officials believe this dog was thrown from a moving vehicle.  One of his front legs was so badly damaged it had to be completely amputated and his teeth had pierced his tongue.  In addition, the dog is blind and appears to have been blind since birth.

Named by the Lebanon Humane Society staff for the motion picture, Braveheart, which was billed as a "rousing tale of heroism and honor, full of passion and with courage enough to inspire victory."  This dog is healing from his injuries and a favorite at the animal shelter.

Braveheart is a Bernese Mountain Dog mix about three years old.  He seems to be housebroken and is good walking on a leash.  He does bump into things, due to the blindness, but responds well to vocal directions.  He's adapting to being three legged very well. 

Shy at first, Braveheart quickly warms up to everyone and is good with other dogs.  Suffice to say, Braveheart is not keen on car rides.  These days he doesn't even like the sound of cars.

If you have room in your heart and in your home for a beautiful, well behaved, brave survivor... give the Lebanon Humane Society a call at 417-532-9671.

Photo:  Lebanon Daily Record newspaper


  1. That is so terribly sad! I am praying really hard that this sweet dog finds the bestest forever home in the whole world!

  2. That is just horrible! Poor Braveheart! I hope he finds his loving forever home!

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