Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

Can you spot the buck?
Deer hunting season is over.  Finally.  I hate hearing the gun blasts.  In fact, all three dogs and I flinch.  They don't like the sound.  I can't help thinking about the deer that visit us, coming through our place for a drink of water or stopping to graze not far from the horses.  During hunting season they're more likely to streak through, though, as if chased by the hounds of hell.
There he is.

This fellow found a good place to stop and catch his breath.  He's listening for danger, though.  I'm sure he heard the dogs.  They were in the house going crazy.
I think he's trying to tell me something.

It's also that time of year when I try to be vigilant about keeping the bird feeders full.  Our "regulars" are probably used to my rather irregular attempts to attract them.  However, in my own defense, I do succeed when winter really arrives.
Just focus on Lucy's beautiful face...
And it's also that time of year when I selfishly promote my For Love of a Dog jewelry and gifts.   Please note that I did not say: shamelessly.  Internally I feel a twinge of ... well, not shame.  Not really.  After all, Talking Dogs is the blog presence of For Love of a Dog, so there's bound to be some promotion.  Especially because we are busy as Santa's elves around here.  However, I do sometimes feel as though I hijack my own blog!  So, for those of you who'd prefer to not be bothered with such, my sincere apologies!

Meanwhile, I have books to review (next up is Old Dogs by Gene Weingarten), products to review (next up is the Bottoms Up Harness from Silver Tails), dog treat recipes to share (Christmas baking is not just for humans at our house) and dog news I want to bark about.   

I'm guessing Santa's elves never actually sleep!  Obviously, Lucy does not have that problem.


  1. You sound busy. :)

    My dad was a hunter as well as many of my friends now. I don't mind hunting as long as it is within reason and they really use what they've killed. I've got a friend who's little boy is allergic to just about everything - game meat is the only meat he is allowed to eat.

    Although, I am glad the season is over!


  2. You are entitled to talk about your own hard work and creative passion on your own blog. :)

    I, too, hate deer season, and it just started here. :( We get spotlighters in my rural neighborhood and it drives me nuts. They have even had the gall to shoot does...and left one to die in the road behind my house.(fume) (Sorry - it's a very sore subject at my house.)

    Wish I could get songbirds to eat at a feeder in the winter. We have no trees and lots of birds of prey around, so I think they'd rather eat somewhere else. ;)


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