Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Elevated Dog Feeders at For Love of a Dog

Elevated Dog Feeder - Canada Dry Vintage Box
We've added three new elevated dog feeders to the For Love of a Dog shop.  All three are recycled / re-purposed, vintage wooden crates with very cool original graphics. 

First up is an early Canada Dry wooden crate dog feeder with spectacular red and green logo graphics on all four sides.  Gary crafted a top lid of the box and added his own coordinating artwork.  Hinged, it gives access to the interior compartment for storage.  

Though heavy in weight, this dog feeder would be terrific to take along while traveling since you can store leashes, food, treats, and toys inside.  This dog feeders includes two 1 quart stainless steel pawprint bowls, one for water and one for food.

 Next up is this beautiful Drambuie Scottish Liqueur vintage box dog feeder.  Wonderful original black and red graphic logo on the front.  This is a vintage wooden packing crate for: Drambuie Prince Charles Edwards Liquer of Edinburgh, Scotland.  I love the side where it reads:  Remember the Gift of the Prince.
Drambuie Liqueur Vintage Box Dog Feeder
Once again we've handcrafted a top for the box, staining it to coordinate with the original vintage crate and adding some terrific fancy wood dental style trim.  Hinged so it can be opened to access the storage room inside.  This elevated dog feeder is 11 1/2" tall and includes two 1 quart stainless steel bowls for dog food and water.

Last, but not least, we have a vintage BPS  - Patterson - Sargent Co - Paint Box dog feeder.  Great graphic BPS logo and finger joint construction.  This elevated dog feeder includes two 2 quart stainless steel paw print dog bowls and stands at 8 3/8" in height.  Best for a large, but short dog.
Vintage BPS Paint Box Elevated Dog Feeder
 Shipping via UPS is included in the price (and given the weight of these dog feeders, it is pricey).  These dog feeders will arrive at your home carefully packaged with plenty of bubble wrap so that you and your dogs can enjoy them for many years to come.

And, yes, because we have three large dogs, we use elevated dog feeders here in the For Love of a Dog household.  In fact, it was due to Lucy's diagnosis of arthritis years ago that Gary hand made a feeder for her.  We love the authentic vintage object re-purposing and our dogs love them, too.

Don't miss our guide to sizing an elevated dog feeder for your dog.  And while you're at For Love of a Dog, fetch more dog lover gifts, plus barking good dog lover jewelry.  We specialize in one of a kind treats for dog lovers.

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