Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baseji Jewelry and Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Basenji Dog Necklace & Pin...
If you or someone on your holiday shopping list loves a Basenji, then you owe it to yourself to check out the handmade Basenji dog breed jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  You'll find an assortment of hand crafted Basenji pins, bracelets, necklaces, even a Basenji Christmas ornament and one of a kind dog leash holder.

Shown above left is a Basenji dog lover necklace with a pendant that can be removed to wear as a pin.  Adorable Basenji pin is whimsical in style and free hand sculpted in porcelain.  The necklace is a chain made from natural gemstones and silver.

Prefer a solo pin?  For Love of a Dog has you covered.  Right now we have more than one style available in Basenji dog breed pins.  Some variations are shown below.

Brindle Basenji Dog Breed Pin / Brooch...
 If your favorite Basenji dog has that beautiful brindle coloration in the face, take a look at the Basenji dog pin shown above.
Porcelain Basenji Dog Pin..

Or how about this lovely hand sculpted porcelain Basenji dog pin shown above.  Gorgeous authentic gold edging to this beauty.
One of a Kind Dog Lover Necklace and Brooch..

At For Love of a Dog we believe all dog lover jewelry is fun jewelry, but some just has a bit more zing.  The Basenji dog lover turquoise necklace shown above will bring a smile to your face immediately.  Again the pendant of this necklace can easily be removed to wear solo as a pin.  The necklace is all genuine gemstones combined into a chain with silver.  The dog pendant / pin is a one of a kind creation and you will not see this anywhere else.  Adorable dog face with a fancy collar is hand sculpted porcelain clay.  Check out that darling silver dog bone dangle.

Fetch more unusual, hand crafted dog lover jewelry from For Love of a Dog.  We offer dog breed jewelry, mutt and mixed breed dog jewelry, dog rescue jewelry, dog breed Christmas ornaments, dog leash holders, and elevated dog feeders.  Our products are handmade in the Missouri Ozarks by dog lovers.  Enjoy unique artisan dog jewelry and gifts, plus fast, free standard shipping.

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