Monday, December 6, 2010

Puppy Pictures at For Love of a Dog

Puppy with Lucy looking on.
We haven't definitely decided on a name yet, so I'm just going to call him Puppy.  And what a puppy he is.  Puppy came from an unplanned litter.  The family moved here from Kentucky and before they could get a yard fence installed their purebred Labrador Retriever, Daisy, came into heat and had a rendevous with a neighbor dog.  Daddy is a chocolate colored Lab mix, but looks purebred.  Daisy is a gorgeous white lab.  The family had no intention of ever breeding Daisy, but put off the spay job until after they moved.  They were none too happy when Daisy turned up pregnant.

As you may remember, Gary ran into Daisy's owner at our vet's office.  Jamie had a laundry basket full of lab puppies:  black, chocolate, ginger yellow, and the lemon/white all there to be vet checked, get their first shots and be wormed.   When we went to Jamie's house we were able to meet Daisy, as well as get a look at the pup's father.   All beautiful canines.  The hard part was picking just one puppy.

Jeffie checking him out.
Today Puppy is trying to get Jeffie and Tucker to play.  He does the play bow and softly yips...  and Tucker runs.  Jeffie is not at all sure what to make of him.   Lucy adores him.  Almost every photo we take of the puppy, Lucy is horning in.  Not because she's a camera hog, she's focused on the puppy.

Lucy supervising playtime.
He's such a mellow big lug of a puppy and, at least so far, simply a delight.  We're having fun snapping photos of his firsts:  first collar, first walk on a leash, firsh play toys, you know the new puppy drill.
We're having an awful lot of fun here at For Love of a Dog.  Who was it that said:  Whoever said money can't buy happiness forgot about puppies.

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