Friday, December 3, 2010

New Puppy Coming to For Love of a Dog

Tucker & Jeffie
Santa is coming to our house early.  We must have been very, very good because Santa is bringing us a new puppy.  We're all pretty excited.

We've re-arranged the mudroom to accomodate a crate.  We'll use that when we want to leave the farm.  When Gary brought in the crate and set it up, Tucker began tap, tap, tap dancing with glee.  Gary said it was in anticipation of a puppy.  I suspect he was hoping we were going to corral Jeffie in it.

At any rate, all three dogs have caught our excited energy.  Tucker and Jeffie have taken up residence at the front door awaiting the puppy's arrival.  (They haven't realized yet that daddy and I will be leaving soon to go get the puppy.)  Lucy hasn't had a whole lot to say, but she did supervise washing the puppy food and water dishes.  They definitely met with her approval.  So far none of the canines has expressed a preference on color or sex.

A few weeks ago Gary was at our vet's office with my mom's dog.  There in the waiting room was a woman with a laundry basket of puppies.  Labrador Retriever puppies in black, chocolate, yellow and one lemon/white.  They exchanged information and she said she'd get in touch soon.  Well, the puppies are now 8 weeks old and she did (get in touch.)

Now we'll see if one of them "speaks" to me.  Yes, I adore all puppies, but one must speak to me.  When we adopted Jeffie from Dogwood Animal Shelter, we'd seen his brother on Petfinder and we intended to adopt him.  Once we got there though, it was Jeffie who spoke to me.   Lucy was a similar story and I knew she was "the one."

I have a feeling that I need to be promising puppy photos.  Because I don't have much doubt that a puppy will be speaking to me in just a matter of hours.  Merry Christmas to me!

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