Thursday, December 16, 2010

Border Collie Dog Breed Jewelry - Great Christmas Gifts

I remember the first time I saw a Border Collie working some sheep.  My mouth dropped open in amazement and admiration.  I've loved this dog breed ever since.  Our Border Collie, Lizzie, was an abused and abandoned dog and it still thrills me that she chose me as her person.  Definitely one of the smartest dogs I've ever known and incredibly eager to please.  She loved herding our geese.  That came in handy when we all trooped down to the pond for a swim.  The geese, of course, never wanted to leave the water, but Lizzie saw to it that they got home again and back to their house for the night.

If you have someone on your holiday gift list who loves a Border Collie dog, we're pretty sure they'd enjoy a one of a kind piece of Border Collie dog breed jewelry or a hand made Border Collie dog Christmas ornament sculpture.
Border Collie Dog Breed Pin and Pendant
from For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts

Beautiful Border Collie dog pin (brooch) shown above can also be worn as a pendant. Not a flat cut out, but two dimensional.  Entirely hand made pin is hand cast in resin from a mould made from an original design clay sculpture. Airbrushed and detailed by hand. This line of our dog jewelry is made in the US and every effort is made to be true to dog breed standards.

The clasp of this Border Collie dog brooch has a built in pendant bail so it can be worn as either a pin or pendant depending on your mood. As a dog pendant it will look terrific on your chain, cord or ribbon. A wonderful gift for any Border Collie dog lover.  Yes, even men have been known to wear these dog breed pins.  They look great on a cap or hat!

For Love of a Dog Jewelry also offers this handcrafted Border Collie dog breed bracelet. This dog lover bracelet combines beads of red coral with sterling teeny jet black glass beads. Multiple charm dangles include: silver three dimensional dog bone, red jasper gemstone heart, and a wonderful Border Collie dog charm.

Red Coral Border Collie Dog Bone Bracelet
from For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
These Border Collie dog charms are entirely made by hand by an American artist. First a hand carved sculpture is created which is then used to create a mould. The dog charm is then hand cast in resin and air brush painted. They are then given a protective coating of lacquer so you can enjoy this dog breed jewelry for many years. Every effort is made to adhere to AKC and UKC Border Collie dog breed standards. Frankly, they are amazing works of dog art. Notice the bone structure, musculature and fur of the dog. I've tried to show the sculptural details in the photos of this Border Collie dog breed bracelet.

Border Collie dog breed Christmas ornament from
For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
 We also suggest one of our Border Collie dog breed Christmas ornaments.  Check out that darling little dog bone dangle. This Border Collie dog holiday ornament is not a flat cut out.  It is two dimensional, molded from an original design clay sculpture and hand cast in resin. It is then carefully hand painted and /or airbrushed and hand detailed. Sprayed with a clear protective coating to preserve the finish for years to come. The back is flat and it is signed and dated and comes with a tassled cord for hanging. Fetch For Love of a Dog Jewelry and Gifts for all the dog lovers on your holiday shopping list.  Huge holiday sale is now in progress.  Shop now for best selection.  Gift box packaging and free standard shipping with each purchase.  What are you waiting for!

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