Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labrador Life Line Saves Dogs One Life at a Time

Labrador Life Line, Inc. is a not for profit organization created to help owners or rescuers of Labrador Retrievers who are in need of financial assistance. Originating on the LABSR4U mailing list, members of the list joined together to help purebred Labrador Retrievers at times when financial difficulty could make the difference between life and death, or health and sickness. Their financial assistance includes, but is not limited to, covering various medical costs (surgery, treatment, medication) and help to cover rescue or transportation expenses.

Success stories abound and will tug at your heart strings. Among them:  Dino escaped from his yard and was hit by a car. His right rear leg had a fractured femur which required surgery and the insertion of a plate and pins for a successful recovery. Captain Morgan had torn his CCL. His right leg was fixed in 2008, but when he injured his left leg his owners were unable to get it fixed with out some assistance.  Tupelo was very healthy, but one day he began vomiting. His owner to him to the vet on the second day, and he was given IV fluids, an injection to stop the vomiting, and some Flagyl. He did not respond as hoped to this therapy, so they took him back to the vet for x-rays. X-rays indicated a foreign body in his intestines and surgery was immediately done. He had a squishy ball cat toy lodged in his small intestine.

There are countless similar stories along with photos of the dogs at Lab Life Line’s web site. There are also lovely letters from recipients posted that give updates on the dog’s condition, plus some before and after photos.

To receive help from Lab Life Line, it’s not as simple as exchanging emails and they send a check to your veterinarian. Lab Life Line evaluates all applications very carefully. They must maintain complete files on every case they process for IRS regulations and to account for their funds to their donors, as well. Though they would like to be able to assist everyone who applies for assistance, sometimes it is just not possible due to limited funds and high volume of requests. Before you contact Lab Life Line you should check out any and all other possible resources for financial assistance.

Their annual Auctions and Cybershow are their biggest fundraisers. Each year, Lab Life Line twice offers bidders the chance to win their hearts' desires. Beautiful, fun and unique items are offered at both their Heart Dog Auction in early spring and our Labour of Love auction in the fall. This year’s Labour of Love auction will be September 24th - October 8/9th . Visit Labrador Life Line on the web for more information and to view the great items up for bid.

Shown is the For Love of a Dog Jewelry Lab Life Lines bracelet that will be available for bidding on September 24.  And be sure to visit For Love of a Dog Jewelry's resource pages for information on other dog rescue and advocacy groups.

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