Friday, August 6, 2010

Heat Wave in the Ozarks

Our heat wave continues here in the Ozarks. Unfortunately the rain keeps missing us, so now we’re kind of browning out. And boy, does it have our pups depressed. Jeffie spends a lot of his afternoons in front of the front door surveying his world and hoping for a bunny or something. Not likely. The rabbits have more sense than to be stirring then.

Lucy and Tucker, old codgers, enjoy the mornings and evenings outside as much as they can. Running their perimeter patrols as normal, albeit at pretty slow speeds. Skeeter’s main occupation is napping. Actually, with heat indexes at 105 degrees and above… napping sounds pretty good to me, too! Instead I gather the canine gang and head for my studio. We hang out in the air conditioning, listen to tunes, and work on dog jewelry. It’s hot, but life is good.

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