Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dog Breed Christmas #Ornaments are Selling Out Fast @ForLoveofaDog

Tri color Basset Hound Dog Christmas ornament SOLD OUT at For Love of a Dog 

The dog breed Christmas ornaments at For Love of a Dog are almost sold out and there will not be any more in the future.  

These handmade ornaments are perfect for your Christmas tree or to display year round.  They make fantastic Christmas gifts for dog lovers.  AND they're on sale with free shipping to US addresses.

Here are the dog ornaments we have available as of Wednesday, December 2. Note: There is only one available in most of these. NOTE: as these sell out I'll be removing them from this blog post.  With the exception of the tri color Basset, if they're shown here there is at least one still available.

Afghan ornament
Basenji ornament
Basset Hound ornament

Bichon Frise ornament

Tri color Border Collie ornament

Borzoi / Russian Wolfhound ornament - also in red and white

Cardigan Corgi ornaments in brown/white and black/white

Pembroke Corgi ornament
Chow ornament in red

Cocker Spaniel ornaments in chocolate, buff and parti

Tri color Collie ornament
Red/brown Dachshund ornament
English Springer Spaniel ornament - 
also available in liver and white.
Maltese ornament
Pug ornament
Schnauzer ornament
Shih Tzu ornament
Yorkie ornament

Shop For Love of a Dog now before they're all gone!


  1. Do you still have the black poodle one? I've been looking for one all over with no luck and forgot to check you first!

    1. Sandra, I do still have 1 black poodle ornament (the other colors are sold out). Use this code at checkout to get 10% off the sale price: FLDVIP

  2. Do you still have a pembroke corgi ornament available?

    1. Sorry! The Pembroke Corgi ornaments are sold out.

    2. Oops... just saw it was you who bought it. Thank you!


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