Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beating Boredom on Rainy Days with a Tornado | Wordless Wednesday

I originally bought this Nina Ottosson Tornado game to 
help Rudy and Rosie  with their depression after we lost Jeffie.  
They love it and it sure came in handy lately with five solid days of rain. 

Rudy caught on right away and it takes him no time at all to find the treats. (And yes, I've tried putting the little dog bone covers on a couple of the compartments to slow him down.  Mistake. He will not paw them out and he has such a soft mouth he won't remove them that way either.)

What does slow him down is letting Rosie work on it with him.  
Pretty funny to watch Miss Greedy try to beat him.

At various times of the day Rosie will go over and check the tornado. 
Just in case a Zuke's Mini has found it's way into one of the compartments.

Don't tell them, but Santa is bringing them the Twister for Christmas.


  1. LOL! I love that Rosie helps him out. This is why I stick all the other dogs behind a baby gate when the other dog is solving the puzzle. Daisy is the only one who takes the bones out with her teeth. Jasper paws at the dog cups until they fall out and Cupcake and Maggie get theirs without the cups.
    Good luck on the Twister!I bet Rudy figures that one out too!

  2. Shameful confession; Lil the Lab was so attention deficit when introduced to puzzle toys that she couldn't focus long enough to get the food. She'd run around the house and then come back when another dog (usually Gracie) started to get the treats out. This despite the fact that she's the most food motivated dog (in all other situations) to ever walk the earth.

    I think she's getting better at puzzles though, because she recently stood silently on her back legs and ate a whole apple crumble out of a pan on the back of the stove, without knocking if off, and after silently removing the tinfoil cover that had been over the pan. I think that shows an element of talent, right?

  3. It is always good to know what will keep them busy and entertained for a while. Cocoa needs thinking toys!! And non destructible!!

  4. That is great they love those treat games so much.

  5. They look so cute working on that together! (Or rather... not working together but racing each other to get at the treats!)

  6. This is the first you've mentioned the other dogs after losing Jeffie. You forget that it must be hard on them too. Glad they enjoy something that takes their mind off of the loss. Love Dolly

  7. Oh fun! Delilah has a puzzle toy and she loves it and will use her mouth and paws...whatever she needs to. Sampson could care less, he's very lazy (or just can't figure it out) I'm not sure which. :-)

    Glad you have something to keep them busy on those rainy days.

  8. What a fun thing to do on a raining day.

  9. It's so great they have a fun toy to keep them busy! Hope your rain has ended by now.


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