Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rudy and Rosie Vole Hunting | #ThrowbackThursday

Welcome to Throwback Thursday at Talking Dogs.  I'm re-posting an old blog post Vole Hunting with Rudy and Rosie.

At the moment we have ice, sleet and snow on the ground, but spring is around the corner and I'm quite sure Rudy and Rosie will be back at their favorite activity.  Vole hunting.

Last year, when Rosie was still a puppy, I captured her doing just that with Rudy's supervision.   Actually, it is Rudy that cracks me up in this video.  He knows very well digging is a no-no.  

Rudy and Rosie are quite a team... especially when they're hunting voles.  I managed to get some video footage of one of their vole expeditions a few weeks ago.

Please excuse the shaky camera work.  Not only was I trying not to laugh, I had Jeffie nudging me over and over.  He knew Rudy and Rosie were not supposed to be doing that!

In fact, what cracks me up the most in this video, is Rudy.  Both he and Rosie are aware of me and the camera.  However, Rudy also knows that messing around with critters and digging holes in the yard is a big no-no. 

In the end, good boy Rudy, can't bear it any longer and runs to mama!  Yes, they really did have a vole they were "playing" with.  Thankfully, they did not eat it.


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  1. Rudy looks guilty the entire time, lol. "Okay, I played with the vole, but I didn't enjoy it!"
    Rosie - not so much :-)))

  2. Haha! They are too cute... PS I love the music !

  3. That was so cute, look how little Rosie was!! And I love how Rudy kept looking at the camera, like he was waiting for you walk away.

  4. How fun! Good work finding the critter!

  5. This is simply priceless! I watched the video before reading your description (I couldn't wait!), and was thinking "oh... Rudy knows this isn't allowed or something!" -- because that is *exactly* Tig's expression (follow-the-rules female English Shepherd) around Mort's antics (younger, try-to-get-away-with-it Kelpie terrier). "Are you ok with this happening?" Rosie: Vole vole vole!

  6. I agree, at least they didn't eat it.

  7. Great video! I wanted to ask you to drop by my blog Friday for a special surprise of you and your canine crew! Bark more Growl less from Barking from the Bayou

  8. I remember this and thought it was hilarious then, and hilarious now - especially with Jack's escapades this week!


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