Friday, March 7, 2014

Employee Appreciation Day at For Love of a Dog

In 1995 Workman Publishing created Employee Appreciation Day to promote a focus on all employees in all industries on employee recognition.  Employee Appreciation Day is always celebrated the first Friday in March.

Though it's easy to get bogged down in the day to day tasks of running a business and writing a blog, there's no way I could forget how important and valuable my staff is to me.  

And we're celebrating!

 Brand new toys!  Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie got to choose their favorite.

 Jeffie scored the stuffie.  
Though he seems to be pretty interested in what Rudy and Rosie selected.

Rosie and Jeffie both had to inspect these
 Classic Cremes dog cookies from Three Dog Bakery.
It's a security thing, of course!

They seem to pass through the security check.

Once Security was finished with their examination, 
Rudy was happy to chow down some party treats!

Truthfully, every day is Employee Appreciation Day at For Love of a Dog Jewelry! Without my very special employees, there would be no Talking Dogs blog and certainly no dog jewelry!


  1. I think the coolest part is that your employees are furry :) And they seem pretty easy to please too!

  2. very cool and they definitely deserve it we need to have one here

    retro rover

  3. Mr Reilly is my Dogervisor and Mr Denny - he is the Threat Testing Assistant (he is scared of everything)

  4. Lil and Gracie would like to submit their applications for employment.
    They don't realize that the pay does not include a box of dog biscuits each per day (I think they may accuse you of false advertising with those pics.)

  5. And no worries about strikes, paying benefits or minimum wage.

  6. I love your employees!! I was tickled pink when my package arrived and I saw it had been inspected by the crew. :-)

  7. What awesome employees! Do you have any openings, I may want to apply ;) Enjoy the cookies!

  8. Haaa!! How incredibly cute is this? Love it!

  9. They are the best employee's and do a fabulous job keeping everything on track. Great photos and hugs to the gang on a job well done.

  10. Best employees ever! Must be impawsible to choose the employee of the month!

  11. Happy Employee Appreciation Day to your gang. :)

  12. Yay for support staff! Yours look especially efficient and aren't you a great boss for rewarding their dedication!


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