Friday, May 24, 2013

Follow-up Friday: Hummingbirds, Deer, Dogs in the Bed

I'm glad to be joining Heart Like a Dog in the Follow-up Friday blog hop again this week.  This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Hosted by FUF creator, Jodi at Heart Like a Dog and co-hosted this week by Pup Fan from I Still Want More Puppies.

Those of you who follow For Love of a Dog on Facebook, already know about this.  So if it is repeat... move along.   I'm referring to my hummingbird incident.  I went out to the studio to get some packages ready for shipping and as I walked in the door, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I realized a hummingbird had come in with me.

Poor panicked hummer!  With 10 foot ceilings out there, I knew it would not be easy getting him/her out.  After an afternoon of periodically trying various ideas with the door wide open, the light bulb in my brain finally glowed.  Snatched one of our hummingbird feeders from the deck and hung in in the open door.  

"My" hummer was tired, slow, and totally freaked out.  Not sure he/she saw it until another hummingbird - who was outside - came to check it out.  Thankfully "my" hummingbird did, too, and escaped to freedom pronto!  Silly as it sounds, I was exhausted!  LOL

Our deer herd came to visit the other day.  We couldn't help but wonder if they were checking to see if we still had a good hiding place to stash their fawns.   Of course, we'd love to babysit their babies like we did last year.  Especially since we seem to have finally scared off the coyotes.

Dog Song Saturday:  It's All Right If My Dog Sleeps All Night With Me
No matter where you do it... sleeping is bliss.

Oh, how I wish I'd thought to do a survey with this post.  I loved all the comments.  Had a giggle at the thought of all five dogs in the bed with tubby3pug.  Jeffie was thrilled to hear that Gambler has his own pillow on the human bed.  Plus, he's hoping that Cadwaladr will be getting a pillow, too.  Our dogs think that 2brown dawgs really should get a larger bed!

Our pack rarely all sleep with us at the same time.  There are several dog beds in our bedroom (Dog Daddy says way too many) and they can choose where to sleep.  With a puppy, we keep the door closed.  Eventually, that will change and our pack can sleep wherever they want to in the house.

That said,  Emma is not alone.  The only other furniture our dogs are allowed on is the (big) doggie sofa in the family room.  Well, Rosie keeps jumping into "my" chair in there, but she doesn't stay for long.

And if anyone loves Dachshunds, don't miss our Dog Song Saturday tomorrow - Wiener Dog Song!

Pit Bull Dog Baby Girl Needs a Forever Home

Baby Girl is still homeless and the only real follow-up I have is to ask you to share her photo and/or adoption video via social media.

Well, and to suggest you consider joining the Tuesday's Tails blog hop hosted by Dogs N Pawz .

Monday Mischief:  First Doggie Pool

The doggie pool is a big hit with Rosie.  More often than not, we need a dog towel when she comes back inside the house.  Pretty sure a larger pool is in the Talking Dogs future.

Kirby asked if we tried a lake.  Jodi made a good point about how you just never know what a dog will do. Same point was made by Shiner who swims in the lake, but never tries to get in the kiddie swimming pool.

Neither Jeffie nor Rudy have been interested in our pond or creek, other than just to get their feet wet.  We're going to give Rudy another chance with this soon.   Though Rosie hasn't been offered that chance, yet, I suspect she'll like it.  We'll keep you posted.

Previous dogs of ours who liked the doggie pool also liked large bodies of water.  And those that thought the doggie pool was a giant water bowl?  They didn't want anything to do with swimming any where.  

The exception was my tripawd Benji.  Though he only cared to stand in the doggie pool (and didn't do that very often), he loved to swim.   He even had his own raft to lounge around on when he got tired. 

You Can Help Oklahoma! Blogger Disaster Response Network in Action

This is a bit contrary to my own blog post and maybe I shouldn't share this.  However, we chose to financially support the efforts of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society for the tornado relief efforts.  You can read more about those efforts on their blog.

Our little dog pack is looking for long weekend adventure!

 Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Well, the sleeping photo made me realize that if we are to have an exciting three day weekend, I'd better go back to bed!

  2. Thanks for joining the blog hop Sue, somehow I missed the humming bird drama on facebook but I imagine that must have been heart breaking for you to see the little one struggle so. :-( Dang facebook, they need to stop changing stuff!!

    I remember the photos of the deer from last year. :-) Good to see them back.

    The pool, yes the pool is the funny thing with dogs, it amazes the difference between my two. :-)

    I think you have to make your own choices as to who you donate to in a situation such as Oklahoma, while I did share the disaster network link I haven't yet determined where I can help.

  3. Poor hummingbird, I am glad you got him out. I miss the deer we had at our house, they were always fun to see.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me and our furniture policy :) I think that there is such a big difference between a lake, a real pool and a dog pool. I love to swim in the lake or ocean, not real keen on swimming pools (maybe the chemicals) and in my puppy pool I just lie in it because it is really to small to swim and it is kind of slippery if I just race and jump in.

  5. So glad the little hummingbird made it out ok!

    I plan on getting a new doggie pool this weekend because our old one has a hole in it and Sherman just loves to sit in the pool on warm days!Leroy just thinks its a huge water bowl!

  6. Thanks for putting a nice word in about Tuesday's Tails. You are awesome for donating and although I donate to our Edmond shelter, I will be donating to help the animals of the Oklahoma tornado. I haven't yet donated because I haven't decided where it is needed the worst. That is stupid, because it is needed everywhere. Anyway, my daughter and I are going to go tomorrow and volunteer so maybe I will know a little more after that. Have a great weekend!

  7. we have that same pool, Bob loves it but no one else gets in

    urban hounds

  8. Oh gosh we used to get hummingbirds flying into the pool enclosure...Much time spent witht he pool night trying to guide them towards the door...they'd get so tired poor things that sometimes I'd get lucky and they'd land on the nest and I could carry them outside

  9. I couldn't imagine trying to catch a hummingbird... they are so fast! I've had birds come into my house a few times... still have no idea how they got in though...

  10. Great FUF and what a great idea about hanging a humming bird feeder in the door way. Glory will sleep under the bed when she doesn't want to be bothered. She has been doing that since she was little and she is way bigger, don't know how she can fit under there anymore.

  11. Aw, poor hummingbird! I'm glad that it all worked out in the end. :)

  12. I missed the post about dogs on the bed. My husband doesn't like dogs on the bed so the only time I allow it is if he is out of town. Maya LOVES sleeping next to me. But Pierson only does it because he is jealous.

  13. I am very behind! Excellent FUF. Glad you were able to rescue the hummingbird!


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