Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Orijen Dog Treats from Chewy.com: Product Review

When Chewy.com contacted us to see if we'd like to give Orijen dog treats a taste test, we jumped at the chance.

We love Chewy.com because they have such a wide selection of pet food and treats, fast home delivery, plus their customer service is outstanding.

This order was no exception.  Within just a couple of days, FedEx delivered our Orijen Black Angus Beef Freeze Dried Dog Treats.

Our dogs loved these dog treats!  They smelled good as soon as we opened the package and each dog was eager to take a turn with the taste testing!

Rudy could hardly wait!

Jeffie tries to savor the taste!
Orijen single-source dog treats are 100% pure meat, grain-free, 5-7 calories per treat and come in five flavors:  Alberta Wild Boar, Brome Lake Duck, Black Angus Beef, Free Range Bison, and Ranch Raised Lamb.  Orijen has also created three formula-matched treats (matched with their dog foods):  Original, Regional Red, and Tundra flavor.

 According to the Chewy.com website:
Orijen includes more fresh meat than any other dry pet food brand.  Orijen is designed to mirror a natural animal diet and includes a diversity of meats.  Free-run chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs, free-range red meats and fresh saltwater and freshwater fish make for a healthy and nourishing diet.

Orijen is made by Champion Petfoods and is produced using only the freshest regional ingredients.  Champion Petfoods is Canada's award-winning pet food maker.  Located in the heart of Alberta's prairies, Champion Petfoods got their start in 1985.  Their foods are matched to the digestive systems of both dogs and cats.  Origen brings peace of mind to owners by promoting peak health of their pets in addition to containing natural flavors that their pets crave.

Champion Petfoods closely works with local farmers, fishermen, food processing innovators, and the scientific community to produce the highest quality products.  Arriving fresh from the region each day, the meat is never frozen and never exposed to heat or chemicals.  The harvested fruits and vegetables are ripe with vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants.  The natural herbs help strengthen organs and tissues while supporting the digestion process of pets.

All these fresh ingredients are processed under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's highest food safety standard.  Even the ingredient suppliers are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

We gave the Orijen Black Angus Beef Singles Freeze-Dried Dog Treats a taste test.  Ingredients:  Angus beef liver, boneless Black Angus beef, Black Angus tripe.

  • 100% Pure beef
  • High in protein
  • Grain-free formula 
  • Only 6 calorie per treat
  • Single ingredient treat
  • Made without cooking or preservatives
  • Re-sealable bag for freshness
  • Made with Canada’s best and freshest ingredients in Orijen's own kitchen!
Priced $7.99 to $12.99 at Chewy.com, it's easy to fill your cart and there's free shipping with any order over $49!
We give these dog treats and Chewy.com all paws up!

Rosie says:  More, please!

* We received one bag of Orijen dog treats from Chewy.com in exchange for our honest review of the product and service.  We received no other compensation - financial or otherwise.

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  1. Sounds yummy. Wish they had a fish based treat.

  2. LOVE Orijen ... its my daily food. We did not realized that they make treats until we joined the Bark n Park. I LOVEd it! Well since their food is made well, it inevitable that they have to make some Tasty Treats. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  3. After reading this review I have decided to go on a quest to find them. They sound delicious! Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  4. I've heard of that brand but haven't tried it before. Looks like a good one!

  5. Those treats sound delicious! I reviewed treats today too. Unfortunately, I ate a good amount before Ma read the package completely where it says how many to give per day (based on weight)...I should've only had two. What a rip-off (BOL)!

  6. Mmm yummy! Those sound awesome!

  7. Gotta give them credit for those names as they all sound fancy and delicious! Once I finish munching through my Blogpaws stash I may have to order some!

  8. These sound tasty! Luna has never tried freeze dried treats before so we will have to check them out.

  9. Rudy looks sooo excited for those treats, they look so delcious I want one! Great review!

  10. Wow, that sure sounds like one tasty treat. You guys sure are lucky to have received some! :)

  11. We got some of those too but haven't tried them yet (I think they are a different flavor though). I don't see how Chester and Gretel won't like them though! Ha, ha.

  12. I've been waiting for someone to try these! I was pretty sure they would be good. Champion Pet Foods makes great products! Thanks for the great review!

  13. They sound yummy and like something my guys would love!!


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