Friday, May 31, 2013

Follow-up Friday: Dog Book, Dog Treats, Dog Ticks

I'm happy to be joining Heart Like a Dog in the follow-up Friday blog hop again this week.  This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Hosted by FUF creator, Jodi at Heart Like a dog and co-hosted this week by Misty Shores Chesapeakes.

So far it has been too cool and rainy to do any real swimming at our house, but maybe that's a good thing!  While we've been waiting for the sun to shine, I've been online window shopping doggie life jackets for Rosie because I'm sure she's going to love it.  However, I'm glad to have stumbled on this blog post from Life in the Dog Lane about Swimmer's Tail in Dogs before we took our first dip in the pool this year.  I'd never heard of it.  It is real and if you have a pool and your dogs swim with you in it, you better check it out!

Live within traveling distance to Kansas City?  One of my favorite places, Wayside Waifs has been selected as one of 50 shelters in the US to compete in the ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Challenge.  Wayside's goal is to adopt 1,831 animals by August 31, 2013 and win the cash.  To kick off their efforts, Wayside Waifs is having an "Adopting Around the Clock" event beginning tonight at midnight.  All adoptions are just $25.

Wiener Dog Song: Dog Song Saturday
Just have to say... if you love wiener dogs, you should watch this Doxie dog music video!

Adopt Thor a Bernese Mountain Dog Mix
Three years old, beautiful, and waiting for you in St Louis!  If you're not participating in the Tuesday Tails blog hop, consider joining us.

Thor - Available for adoption at the HSMO

Book Review: It's Just A Dog by Russ Ryan
Russ Ryan is a real dog lover and he's written a charming dog tale with humor and heart.  Be sure to check out our book review, plus enter to win a paperback copy of It's Just A Dog.  Hurry!  Giveaway ends Sunday night midnight.  Plus, if you purchase this book, do it before September 2.  Prior to that date 50% of the sales will be donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue!

A barking good dog story by a guy who loves dogs!
As part of the giveaway, I asked readers to comment about how they would feel if their beloved dog came back as a ghost and how their current dog(s) would feel about it.

A few commented that it would scare them, including Amy, Sugar, lennyg.  Several said they'd love it!  I agree with Snoopy about that quote saying love never dies.  Danielle, Christine and Caren... their dogs are their first dogs, so they couldn't answer the question!

Jackie said, "If Bailey came back (our first dog) she would be like, 'hey! How come Rita gets to eat wed food, when all I ever got was kibble?!!'"
I know my Benji would say the same thing!

I've thought a lot about Shelley's comment that she's had dreams of her 20 yr old dog, Penny, coming back as a ghost and Shelley had a chance to tell her what she didn't get to.   Wow.  If Lucy came back as a ghost, I'd feel that way, too.  And I would be thrilled.

Orijen Dog Treats from Product Review
This wasn't the first time we've received dog treats to try from and to say my dogs are fans of is putting it mildly.  There's a double bonus for Jeffie.  Not only does he usually love the dog treats and taste testings, he gets to try to scare the life out of the FedEx man. 

A number of readers commented favorably about Orijen /Champion Pet Foods.  We loved these treats!

The Tick King on a better day!
The Tick King Dog
I published a teaser on Wordless Wednesday.  In fact, on my Facebook page I said:  Moses in the bulrushes?  No.  Jeffie in the cattails.  Almost everyone seemed to think this was a pleasant adventure.  Nope.  Not even for Jeffie.

I am still creepy crawly and so is Jeffie.  We're still picking/finding ticks from this little adventure.  Yesterday I found 3 seed ticks on him.  Dead, but still...  This year we realized the ticks were going to be bad.  The dogs have now had 2 (monthly) applications of Frontline.  Usually we do not have to apply any topicals.

Most of the ticks are just catching a ride.  But not all.

Here's the real problem:  though Frontline does kill them if they're sucked in and does seem to kind of repel them... it takes only a few hours for disease to transfer from the tick to the host once they've sucked in.

Add to that, though Frontline kills the ticks that manage to attach, I'm now finding dead ticks on Jeffie.  

Smart ticks.  Though Rudy and Rosie would be more tender morsels, Jeffie's wild fur coat makes a perfect place to run and hide.  Jeffie now endures many (way too many if you ask him) "tick checks" a day.  

I'm really not sure how many ticks total there were.  I stopped counting at 50 and my guess is that was about half way through the "big" removal.

We usually do not even have to apply any topicals to the dogs, in spite of living on a farm in the country.  So, even if you've never had any problems with ticks before, I encourage you to be vigilant.

We're organic gardeners, but this year we're spraying. 

So, what 's your week been like?  Join the Follow-up Friday hop and tell us all about it!



  1. Mom asked her friend who owns cats the "ghost" ?. She got an interesting answer and made mom think and see it in a different perspective. Be Safe ... ticks everywhere. Happy Friday. Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I dislike ticks so very, very much. Poor Jeffie. Poor Sue. Sounds awful :(

  3. Great FUF post Sue, thank you for joining the hop!! I've heard of the cold tail, but I'm sure the way you watch little Rosie, she'll be fine. :-)

    Poor Jeffie, I'm sure he doesn't appreciate what you are doing for him. But the combing will help. Good luck!

  4. That tick thing is creepy! It is true that they tend to glob onto darker colors, I know I have many more than my solid white sister and unfortunately they love finding a spot in my facial usually gets them before they settle in but it is nasty! I do kind of wish mom's other dog would come back as a ghost since I have to hear about her all the time and never even met her!

  5. Good follow up. Eeesh on the ticks. I'd have the creepy-crawlies too!

    One of these days I'll join in the FUF fun, but today the Fit Dog hop called! We need more days of the week! :)

  6. Great follow-up. Thunder has had cold tail during hunting season when he was younger. Since we started doing year round hunt test training, it has not been a problem. The dogs also wear a neoprene vest in cold weather hunting which is supposed to help prevent it. It is just one of those things that happen.

    Ticks = yuck. Poor Jeffie!

  7. Nice catching up with you today...Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Very nice fuf. have a great tick free weekend


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