Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adopt Aphrodite a Doberman Pinscher Dog

Looking for love?  Here she is!  Her name is Aphrodite and she's a young Doberman Pinscher mix dog.  Just look at that face and tell me you don't see love.

Aphrodite is only about 9 months old, so she still has lots of that wonderful puppy energy.  Curious about everything and ready to explore the world with you. 

According to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, the Doberman Pinscher is breathtakingly perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive. Dobermans are nice-named "Velcro dogs" because they stick to their people.  They also suggest that the Doberman dog breed is not for everyone.  Dobies need a calm, stable, firm leader or they may assume that role for you.  

Dobermans are a dog breed that need plenty of exercise every day and plenty of mental stimulation.  If you're looking for an active companion that's smart as a whip, consider Aphrodite.

Right now this beautiful girl is calling the Human Society of Missouri  St Louis animal shelter home.  If you can give Aphrodite a forever home, call HSMO at 314-951-1562.  Her animal ID number is A538578

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  1. Hey Rudy, Hey Jeffie, Jet here. Hi Miss Sue.

    Guess what? We played with a fetching red dobie yesterday at the park named Maxie. Mom has a soft spot for dobies because they share the potential for the same blood disorder she has... (crazy, huh? Mom and the dobies!!!) Aphrodite looks special with her boa!


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