Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dog Rescue Jewelry Gifts

You might wonder why I create dog rescue jewelry. The answer is simple.  I love dog people.  Especially those who support rescue.  And I know that wearing a spay and neuter bracelet can start conversations that can save dogs' lives.  

The same is true of my rescue bracelets or black dog jewelry.  A simple compliment can lead into a real dialog about animal welfare, not to mention your own beloved canine companion.

Shown above is a dog rescue bracelet featuring a hand stamped silver dog bone with RESCUE with a little red jasper heart dangle.  I combined black obsidian gemstone beads with fancy silver beads for the bracelet.  Then I finished it off with an adorable dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp.

Shown above is a spay and neuter dog lover bracelet.  Here I used ceramic alphabet beads to spell out SPAY and NEUTER.  Then I surrounded them with black onyx gemstone beads.  A red brecciated jasper heart and a little silver three dimensional dog bone dangle from the bracelet's extender chain.

My foster dog mom bracelets celebrate these very special women who rescues dogs and puppies by taking them into their homes until they can find a forever family.  Not only does the foster dog mom bracelet shown above include a little red heart and a gold dog bone, it includes a star.  Because, in my opinion, foster dog moms are definitely stars!

A forever home, lots of love, and plenty of dog bones.  That's what all dogs deserve and what I honor in this forever home dog lover necklace shown above.  A silver repousse pendant depicts a little dog peering from inside it's dog house with a silver heart dangle.  I created the necklace chain by wire wrapping lots of fancy silver beads with adorable little white glass dog bones.  When you visit For Love of a Dog, you'll see that there's even a coordinating dog bone bracelet.

Fetch more dog rescue jewelry for people at For Love of a Dog.  We love dog rescue so much that we've even created a rewards program for animal rescue groups.  Yes, your rescue group can raise funds by simply signing up and placing a special For Love of a Dog banner on your site.  

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  1. Awesome jewelry ideas. Rescues do rock! Like the spay/neuter bracelet too!
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas & Mom


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