Monday, August 31, 2009

Bark if you love great contests for dog lovers!

My mama subscribes to Bark magazine. We know when it arrives in the mailbox that she's a goner for awhile. First she has to look at the Smiling Dogs, then flip through to see the photography and selection of articles. What we liked in the issue that came this week are the contests!

Jeffie is barking about the Home Away from Home contest. You could win a refurbished lobby or adoption room for your favorite animal shelter. Wow. All you have to do is write a very short essay on why your shelter should win.

Lucy is whining about the Celebrate the Harvest contest. You could win a case of Mutt Lynch wine featuring your dog on the label. What do you have to do? Take an online tour of their dog loving winery. I have to admit, Lucy would look pretty terrific on the label of their finest vintage wine. Don't you think so?

I've been howling about Bark's first Writing Contest. They're looking for the best canine-centric short story they can find. First prize is $500 and publication in the magazine. When I first heard about this contest, I was so excited. Afterall, I'm a writer and I really do have a lot of stories to tell. Then I read their rules. Rule number one says the stories must be written from the human point of view. You cannot have a dog narrate the story. What are they thinking? I just can't help thinking of what that prize could buy me. Oh well... a dog can dream, can't he?

Woof! woof!

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