Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baa-baa Border Collies

You thought I was going to say, baa-baa black sheep, didn't you?

I'm a little ticked off. Mama let Jeffie do the first real post on the For Love of a Dog Top Sites blog. I mean, just because it was related to Border Collies. Argh... Okay, Jeffie's daddy was a Border Collie, but he didn't even know him! I think the deal is that Jeffie was looking at the Jordyalan Border Collie site trying to get a look at all the male dogs to see if one could be his daddy! Jeffie's so silly, all those dogs are in Australia! I do have to admit they were very handsome, though.

To make up for Jeffie blogging first, Mama said I could do the review of the animal communication site. Now that should be fun. Besides, I'm big on communication!

At the moment, though, it's very hot and sticky outside. I'm thinking I'll go sprawl on my pallet in front of the french doors. That way I can keep an eye out for intruders (those pecky bunnies, mostly) and catch some shut-eye, too.

Woof! woof!

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