Thursday, August 20, 2009

Karen Pryor, Pet Training Expert, Presentation Sept 22

Have you ever watched dolphins, killer whales or sea lions dive, jump, spin and perform other amazing behaviors on cue? How does the trainer get each animal to respond so willingly? Why doesn’t the animal just swim away? We have someone who can answer this question.

The Humane Society of Missouri proudly partners with the Saint Louis Zoo in sponsoring a presentation by Karen Pryor, author and pet training expert.

Karen Pryor is an author with an international reputation in the fields of marine mammal biology and behavioral psychology. Through her work with dolphins in the 1960s, she pioneered modern, force-free animal training methods, and became an authority on applied operant conditioning - the art and science of changing behavior with positive reinforcement. Zoo and animal trainers will recognize her as the author of Don’t Shoot the Dog, a classic book on animal training. She is the founder and CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker Training.

Karen will be speaking about her new book, Reaching the Animal Mind. She will share the results of her quest to find out from leading neuroscientists why clicker training works and shares her personal experiences training and communicating with a wide variety of species. There will also be a book signing at the event.

Date: September 22, 2009
Time: 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Location: The Living World at the Saint Louis Zoo
Cost: General Public - $25; Humane Society of Missouri Members, Volunteers and Employees - $10; Saint Louis Zoo Members, Volunteers and Employees - $10

For more information visit the Humane Society of Missouri web site.
Proceeds from this event benefit the Saint Louis Zoo and the Humane Society of Missouri Behavior Department.

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  1. Reaching the Animal Mind is surely one great book to have. This book will surely help many pet lovers. Thanks for sharing this.. You check this out and see if you could also help them


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