Thursday, June 4, 2009

June is Adopt a Cat Month

I almost forgot that June is Adopt a Cat month (and Adopt a Shelter Cat month). It probably has something to do with how I feel about cats! Lucy loves cats and she reminded me. Our cat, Skeeter, is too stuck up to talk to me much. I'm not all that crazy about her either. First day she was here she swiped my nose a good one. I know I was really giving her a once over with my sniffer, but how else was I to know where she had been?

Anyway, even though Skeeter and I are not close, I did adore Petey. Technically he was a cat, but I'd swear he was part dog. Since my older brother was sick and hated my guts, Petey taught me all I needed to know about playing. I still miss him.

Certainly all cats are not the same... so there's bound to be one perfect for you at your local shelter or rescue group. Visit today or browse PetFinder. Just can't adopt one now, then do like we do and donate some kitty litter or food!

Woof! woof!

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