Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Mother Nature is beginning to get to me. Just a little bit ago the mother ship passed over. That's what we call humongous black storm clouds that seem to fill the sky, but keep on truckin'. It's been day after day of wicked weather and my nerves are shot. So shot that even I barked at the FedEx man when he came a little bit ago! Usually it's the youngster, Jeffie, who goes into the vicious dog act.

Storms used to never bother me. In Virginia we had our share of hurricanes. Here in Missouri it seems to be awful lightening and tornadoes! I'm beginning to think, I'll take the hurricanes. Wow.

We've got a new routine this week. Rain in the mornings, punctuated by Mama going out to pick up storm damage from the day before. Storms begin rolling in with big thunder and light show after lunch. The winds howls. Eventually the tornado sirens wail. It comes, it goes. It ebbs, then the rains flow. This is day 4 and even Mama and Daddy get edgy! Not to mention Lucy who starts that anxiety panting. She's doing it now and I see that the sky is getting black. Here we go again!

I'll talk to you later when Mother Nature is done with her tantrom.

Woof! woof!

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